Friday, 17 October 2014

The Insta-Catchup

It's been a busy couple of weeks (literally) but it feels good to say I am settled and on my way through second year of University. With having an incredible summer which felt liked it was only a month long, I am so excited for Autumn to come in. However, I feel a little catchup is needed on what I have been up to.

I've had a busy.. incredible summer. Three internships, festivals, and catching up with friends at home. Although it's been the most tiring 4 months of my life, I am so glad it's done and so grateful for what I have got to do throughout. With working at LK Bennett, AllSaints and fashion week regarding Mess it's been wonders.

I also got to meet my dream lady Alexa Chung, and Jamie Wei Huang along the way. Summer well spent.

However it's back to University life for this one. And before I forget, I have also got my hair chopped, hoooray! 

alexa chung

Somerset house, the home of LFW

We're you just as shocked as me? 

Short hair, don't care

AllSaints HQ - styling. work work work

See you next season!

The University work begins, hello late nights

Tea anyone? Many reasons why I love Orange Tree in Nottingham

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First post of the second year!

Second year has started, which means time to get back into the swing of things with my blog and all (and well get some use out of some new purchases).
So my newest purchases has to be my JARDON Doc Martens. I've always wanted the classic black boot pair. However once seeing these, they were perfect. Double sole, patent leather, what more could I ask for?

I chose to put these heavy doc's into use, topped with a detailed choker and hat.

JARDON Boots @ Doc Martens £145 / Black Duster @ Topshop £45 / Black Joni Jeans @ Topshop £36 / Hat @ h&m £7.99 / Tee @ H&M £6.99 / Choker @ FREEDOM Topshop £10

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Well, the title is pretty self explanatory. I DO look like I should be in some kind, poorly made 80's sci-fi movie.
However, that wasn't really the look I was going for while ordering this dress. I am in love with it and when seeing it drop in the from £40 to £20 on ASOS, I needed it. It was fate!
Always been a huge fan of Ragged Priest, but never always had the money to buy a £60 ripped top and justify it. This dress was an absolute steal, and with my lilac clutch from Missguided, I've already bagged myself the perfect outfit.

Tshirt dress @ Ragged Priest £20 / Boots @ Topshop £45 / Clutch @ Missguided / Choker @ Topshop £5   

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


So it's the last day of LFW (cries) but my god am I kind of happy it's over. I am exhausted, just from today mainly! But in the meantime I have been stopping the best dressed people I have seen so far this weekend.
Another thing, thanks Mess Magazine for letting me take these images on your behalf!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The MESS MAG LFW Street Style Favourites

All for Mess Magazine, I went around pulling people out who stole the show, and literally there was someone around every corner! Here's a few of my top favourite.

Rosie Fortescue / MIC

find more of we who spotted @ 

LFW Day 1: what did I wear?

Probably one of the most stressful parts of my day.. trying to find something to wear. But for my first day (and a VERY long day) I chose to play a bit safe with timeless monochrome.

 Black Duster @ Topshop / £45
White Ripped Jamie Jeans @ Topshop / £40
Mesh Tee @ Urban Outfitters, Sparkle and Fade / £20
Sliders @ Topshop / £26
Bag @ Ralph Lauren / £250 £70
Body Chain @ Topshop FREEDOM / £12.50
Lipstick @ Topshop DRIVE / £8

The 'Behind Closed doors' LFW post

The lack of updates this summer is just crazy. I've been so busy working, interning and basically building everything up for my portfolio but it's paying off.. right?
Yeah it is! This week I am lucky enough to be invited to London Fashion Week on behalf of Mess Magazine. To be honest, couldn't put myself here a year ago, however I've already attended Day 1 and it was surreal.
During the Friday, I got to interview the lovely Jamie Wei Huang (what a dream), have a chat with Lucy Choi and even get in the loop of the backstage madness, while also bumping into people like Alexa Chung and MIC cast.

No matter how much chaos there was, I really tried to get a few pictures and a few chats with the models and designers. Here's little preivews of Jamie Wei Huangs & Cassandra Verity Green's collections for SS15.

Jamie Wei Huang / ss15

Cassandra Verity Green