Sunday, 14 September 2014

The MESS MAG LFW Street Style Favourites

All for Mess Magazine, I went around pulling people out who stole the show, and literally there was someone around every corner! Here's a few of my top favourite.

Rosie Fortescue / MIC

find more of we who spotted @ 

LFW Day 1: what did I wear?

Probably one of the most stressful parts of my day.. trying to find something to wear. But for my first day (and a VERY long day) I chose to play a bit safe with timeless monochrome.

 Black Duster @ Topshop / £45
White Ripped Jamie Jeans @ Topshop / £40
Mesh Tee @ Urban Outfitters, Sparkle and Fade / £20
Sliders @ Topshop / £26
Bag @ Ralph Lauren / £250 £70
Body Chain @ Topshop FREEDOM / £12.50
Lipstick @ Topshop DRIVE / £8

The 'Behind Closed doors' LFW post

The lack of updates this summer is just crazy. I've been so busy working, interning and basically building everything up for my portfolio but it's paying off.. right?
Yeah it is! This week I am lucky enough to be invited to London Fashion Week on behalf of Mess Magazine. To be honest, couldn't put myself here a year ago, however I've already attended Day 1 and it was surreal.
During the Friday, I got to interview the lovely Jamie Wei Huang (what a dream), have a chat with Lucy Choi and even get in the loop of the backstage madness, while also bumping into people like Alexa Chung and MIC cast.

No matter how much chaos there was, I really tried to get a few pictures and a few chats with the models and designers. Here's little preivews of Jamie Wei Huangs & Cassandra Verity Green's collections for SS15.

Jamie Wei Huang / ss15

Cassandra Verity Green

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Little Black Cloak

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates. Summer is almost over and I have been incredibly busy (really!). With first internship out the way, seeing family and days out, finally got around to grabbing myself a A/W essential - the little black cloak.
Always loved Kiminos, mainly with how effortless they are to dress up and dress down, and are one of those items everyone needs in there wardrobe.

I grabbed myself one from Topshop this week, priced at £45. It's high quality thick material makes it also a nice little winter warmer under your boyfriend coats, and to layer up with. However in the meantime, for all those high neck crop tops, it's an ideal touch to a summer outfit.

Want one? grab it here!

Friday, 15 August 2014

So Wrong, It's Right?

It's been a while since I've properly blogged. I've been busy and working, however with Fashion Week coming up next month for me (and yes I don't know what I'm wearing, and yes it's going to be a last minute job) I've been browsing around the net for bits and bobs which I can add to my wishlist.
I love quirky as much as the next fashionista and those little gems which others call ridiculous. So here's my sum up of my 'so wrong, but so right wishlist' -

So Wrong, It's Right Wishlist

1 // Always had a hidden love for Kenzo, and with my current obsession with 'eyes' at the moment, this TSHIRT is a huge want for me. Just trying to get around justifying £80 for a tshirt..

2 // UNIF is one of those websites I come across one day and say to myself "why haven't I known about this before?". The site is full of holographic, funny catch lines on tees, tie dye and to die for 'all goth' two pieces and swimwear.

3 // Like Sophia Webster, Charlotte Olympia is somewhere I'd love to buy all my shoes from.. and bags, but with this student budget it's near impossible. However this clutch bag is what I have been wanting for a while, but me being a bargin hunter I was able to find a copy for £15 on Ebay!

4 // I love Celine and there style of 'ugly sandals'. ASOS have created a knock-off pair, which come in black and floral. Bit of a no brainer for me.

5 // Charlotte Olympia is still my hotspot for clutches. With my little obsession with eyes (hence the kenzo top) I feel this is something I need to just to fill that gap in my heart. har har.

6 // I'm all about wearing bright lipstick and trying new makeup, so once I heard about freckle pencils being the next big thing (and yes it has it's potential) I was pretty onboard with it. Emma Watson is one of the first stars to use this little gem, which can now be brought from Topshop!

Friday, 8 August 2014


I love quirky. I also love 'knock-off's' and Ashish as well. So when I saw this collection hit fashion week beginning of this year I was dead excited and craving a bowl of COCO pops. Anya Hindmarch showcased her A/W collection, filled with knock off COCO pop clutch bags, 'have a nice day' print and Frosties totes. Think Moschino and ASHISH, this was a collection I was on board with.
Although I would love to own a bag from Hindmarch (preferably the 'crisp packet clutch'), I know I don't have a spare £700 lying around *sigh*. However once I heard about A/W collection being showcased on Mount Street in form of a mini-mart, I had to go!

From pacing up and down Mount, Bond and Oxford Street (going against my temptation along the way) I finally found it. Vibrant, bold and looks like something out of a movie set the store has hit on target and detail of the collection. A big visit this summer I advise to visit! Additionally, you can also buy a '99 flake', I mean what more could you want?

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Working 7 days a week is taking it's toll, so sorry for lack of updates.
Last week, I was able to go to the private viewing of one of the many exhibitions in the streets of Bricklane, London. Called WANDERINGS, it was about bringing young, up and coming artists from around the world to show what they are passionate for and love. It was inspiring to look around with themes from fashion to travelling, to more personal ideas.

WANDERINGS took place at Rag Factory, Bricklane on 17th - 20th July.

I have my mini review here on MESS MAG. take a read.

A highlight for me was the graphic/pop art fashion illustrations by Carlotta Cerpex. Her main inspiration was herself, what she has seen, understood and passion for the art of fashion.