Thursday, 1 September 2016


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Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Re-(cap)-create of 2015

Happy new year!

Now 2016 is well on the way, the SS16 trends are coming into our stores and I'm still looking for that next love-to-be fur coat to get me through these last cold months, it's time to make room for the new year (with personal life and my wardrobe, obviously!)

Looking back at last year, I wasn't has hands on with customization I normally am. With the hectic lifestyle of university, LFW, events and working it's hard to juggle some time together and get hands on with some own personal statement pieces.
However, one I had to make huge time for is my self stitched, badge motif jeans. MY DREAM PAIR OF JEANS.

Re-capping back last year, I was over the moon once I head Ragged Priest & Lazy Oaf were coming together for a crazy collab. With two brands I have grown with and watched from their early days, this was one of my fashion highlights of the year. However, being a student on a budget and how much I lusted for a pair of the original motif jeans, it wasn't possible to own something of the collection (sob).
I'm guessing this was a level Ragged & Loaf understood with their consumers, With the collection filled with funky tshirts, tiger motifs, bright vibrant colours and a whole lot of rebellion, they also threw in a badge pack available, pushing their audience to get inspired and personalize themselves.
At a price of £7.00, I was able to grab a pack of the motif badges from the online Lazy Oaf store, minutes before it sold out. With ideas of jazzing up my leather jackets, or even cracking cute little patchwork tee's, I decided to make my ownership of the PATCH JEANS a (affordable) reality.

Reusing a old pair of boyfriend fit jeans from Urban Outfitters, I decided to give them a second life. Working with the colour patches allowed me to iron on, stitch and create within minutes. Only purchasing one pack gave me 6 badges, with also additional packs available online. With the simple technique, this is possible for anyone on a budget, especially when you're trying to create something more personal and customized to your own style.

Total cost? £30 (including jeans & badges)
Full style post will be available soon!


Monday, 4 January 2016

Portfolio is Under Maintenance

Hello & Happy New Year!

With a New Year ahead of us, it's time for a quick clean up on my Portfolio (

Due to this, my website will me now under maintenance until the 11th of January so check back then!

Have a lovely day!

Friday, 11 July 2014


While I've been away and working for my little side placements, which I am enjoying incredibly, alongside my other opportunities I was given the chance to interview Street Style Blogger Johnathon Pryce @ Myself being a huge of fan of street style photography, I could not wait to hear what he has to say. Additonally, he also help create the project 100beards, and with my love of beards (and Ricki Hall) this is something I was dying to hear about!

Read my interview here at FATHERDUCK LONDON.