Thursday, 24 September 2015

It's London Fashion again, YAY

My favourite time of year, next to Christmas and Halloween of course, is LONDON FASHION WEEK. With past two seasons being a pleasure to experience, I was more than excited to see what was in store this season, working on the lovely behalf Mess Magazine.

To start the week off, I wanted to create a more relaxed look for my wardrobe. Neutral tones, my 'obsession' Dr Martens and the mini sports statement of Adidas. Mixing the minimal 'lad' look, with a preppy camel shade coat, available from Topshop for only £59!

Whole outfit available now online!

Coat - Topshop
Culottes - Topshop
Jardon Boots - Dr Martens
Shirt - Topshop
Cap - Adidas

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Ragged Priest & Lazy Oaf - A Dream Come True

So it's finally happened. Two of my favourite niche brands have come together to create the ultimate collection which came out last week!

Think 'Total Mess', crazy pop art graphics and badges, SH*T HAPPENS and a bit of weird and wonderful. The collection is for those 'no fashion boundaries' lovers, who also lie to get nostalgic and look lke they stepped out a wacky cartoon.

The whole collection is the exciting take on street style fashion, where at this day and age you are more likely to get noticed with you have a bright pink pom pom on your head and an outfit that channels the rainbow.

My favourite pieces? I can't decide. However, with my wardrobe getting a bit of a sort out for the new season, to liven up my winter gloom, the collection's jeans ARE A MUST.

cat knees anyone?

It's the clothing with attiude, sprinkled with vibrant colours and the ultimate Tumblr Hipster vibe. 
Additionally, the collection includes gems of 'badass' jackets and holographic fabrics (of course!).

Both brands have heavy influences of rebellion and looking different, while also channelling there inner Jeremy Scott and Henry Holland mixed the social media meme sub-culture. Other motifs to the collection include sequined unicorns and pizzas, mixed with fabrics of Fur, Mesh, Leather and a hell lot of glitter.

So if you are feeling a bit quirky this autumn season, like me, take a peek at the collection here, available to by now while stocks last! 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flares for Days

Summer is at it's closing month (sad), and it's gone too quick! However, this also means the AW15 trends are creeping in. I am just as excited, for the Fall timewarp of 1970 fashion. Flares, turtle necks, and heavy boots. The MUST NEEDS to look extra groovy for these last months of the year.

Before the whole of summer ends, I grabbed myself a pair of legging flares, available at TOPSHOP for £28. With the stripe vertical pattern, gives myself the illsioin of extra long legs, which for any 5 ft 7's out there, it's perfect. I finished the outfit the Topshop Jersey shoulder layered tee, black heel boots and the beloved fluffy clutch from the winter season, soon coming back to stores.

TOPSHOP: Sunglasses £16 / Lipstick BOARDROOM £8 / Glow Highlighter £12

Never thought I'd see the day when I would be wanting more pairs of flares. Can we work with any plain jersey, this is an essential for the months ahead.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

More is Better This Summer with Topshop

With the summer heat in full swing, it's time to make sure you have your summer wardrobe up to date for the last few months ahead. While I was in Portugal the heat was scorching, so working an outfit where I feel cool and comfortable was a must.

With culottes taking the high street by storm, I knew I had to take advantage of the trend, and get my comfortable summer outfit on. From Topshop I was able to grab this culotte cut jumpsuit, with vibrant floral tones, ideal to brighten any occasion. To keep cool in the heat, finish the outfit off with Topshop Birkenstock sandals, or pool sliders to create a relaxed look.
Lastly, statement sunglasses are a need. Thick rimmed cat-eye is a popular shape we've seen in the shades, with being able to find a pair almost anywhere. Grab yours now instore!

visit Topshop and grab the look!

Jumpsuit / £55 @ TOPSHOP
Sunglasses / £16 @ TOPSHOP
Sandals / £22 @ TOPSHOP

Monday, 15 June 2015

Bobby Abley and Star Wars, I'm Hooked!

When Rodarte debuted it's love for Star Wars back in AW14 season, I was obsessed. Being the Star Wars fanatic I am, it was like a clash of obsession coming together, making me jumping for joy. With Episode 7 due out end of this year, it's clear the movie franchise has inspired us in design AND fashion, with the trend ongoing.

Bobby Abley is known for remaking movies into garment masterpeices, with a help of his quirky style, it's easy to send any movie-fanatic like crazy. With it's successful 'Little Mermaid' collection last season, Bobby Abley had huge popularity. Yet again for SS16, he has once again brought a global-franchise to life.

Think funny play on words with characters, collaboration of his own label name, motifs and typography all Star Wars. With witty references of other interests (aka Slayer, what a dream), this was a collection which hugely stood out for me this season, I'm hooked.

With the likes of Wookies, Chewbaka (Chewie), Princess Leia, Boba Fett and Darth Vader, this was a space-studded, thriving collection.

Furthermore with the new movie due out end of 2015, it's clear Star Wars is a trend to jump on this season.


Cotton t shirt
£7.72 -

Nike trainers
£48 -

ASOS hologram backpack
£27 -

Topshop dark lipstick

"Super Duper Storm Troopers"

Madewell 3 4 length sleeve top
£23 -

Dr. Martens leather work boots
£81 -

White cross body purse
£31 -

Lipstick Queen dark makeup
£26 -

NARS Cosmetics nail polish
£13 -

Sunday, 14 June 2015

I'm Back, Let's Talk LC:M?

Yes I am back. The chaos of University is over, with everything handed in, it's time to get back into shape and get the ball rolling.

At the moment, it's one of my two of my favourite times of the year, London Collections Men. It's been a striking couple of seasons for menswear, with a lot of energy being drawn to the gender. We've seen menswear become gender neutral in AW15, 'go-back-to-school' vibes, with fashion overall turning more political and not only expressing movements, but also statements, which makes me more excited to see what SS16 has to offer.

With many shows watched over a few days and a bit of nosing around (while wishing I was there), I have summed up my current top 3 collections of the season so far, starting with Topman.

Literally fell in love with collection after a couple of viewings through photographs. Immediate thought of 'rebellion', with a modern take on 80's punk? With being a fan of punk, metal culture, this was refreshing to see the British high street brand. Likely hoods of 'Let's Riot' badges and small heavy jackets showed a more delicate side of the culture, which proved overall, Punk is NOT dead. With that, I felt the collection held a bit of an 90's Oasis fandom style, of high neck zipped jackets, and oversized sunglasses with scraggy hair. Additionally topped with pastel shades,wide leg trousers, feminine touches creating a fresh summer take-on for the season. It was alot going on but beautifully executed throughout the show, reaching out to many street sub-cultures.

Photos courtesy of Wonderland Magazine

Liam Hodges also sparked attention on day 1 of LCM. Meet sports lux mixing with raw and ready street wear. Rough print work, patches and monochrome with a dash of colour, the collection was about enhancing the current, on-going megatrend. The collection was final show for Hodges and MAN in the Topshop Showspace. The collection was street wear with surveillance, with climbing buckles and bumbags, collection showed more than style. 

Photos courtesy of Dazed

Last but not least, Craig Green, With his emegring reputation in the industry, he has been certainly one to watch this season. Already, photographers are spotting the fashionista public in his AW15 collection, of combats and dark neutral tones. 
This season, he's brought a whole new story to the table. Bright block colours, in still combat attire. His use of masculine, baggy shapes creates an absolute contrast to the gender neutral movement with woman also walking down in menswear. However the use of the bright colours and blocking gives a minimal, modern touch to his collection. Clashing fabrics of denim and quilted textures make this collection open to many style preferences Wide-leg trousers and tight tops give a 70's touch, keeping up with the flare trend of AW15. Overall the collection holds a 'karate' essence, a whole new level of sports lux. With loads to play with, no wonder his designs are storming the market and the press. 

Photos by Ben A. Pruchnie

Friday, 1 May 2015

Denim on Denim: MESS MAGAZINE

Hello lovelies,

Issue 6 of Mess Magazine is out now. Purchase it here and check out my latest column on the highly anticipated DENIM SS15 trend.