Monday, 23 February 2015

Its Dark and Mysterious for AW15 @ JWH

On behalf of Mess Magazine I was able to attend Jamie Wei Huang's AW15 collection. She blew me away last season with a range of light pastel colours, range of rough textures and chunky shoes. However with the turn of the Fall season, she has took a dramatic change.

Gothic, sadistic and brutal was my sudden thoughts as soon as the collection started. With a constant soundtrack of Rammentien being played as the models stormed down the runway it clearly shown that Huang had took every aspect into mind when creating a dark atmosphere.

Every garment was something I'd love to add my little dark side to my wardrobe. Tough leathers, buckles and dark tones kept the doom mood flowing, with a mix of tailored jackets and puffy shapes. A spread out palette of maroons, navy's, blacks and greys was ideal for the AW coming season, and was a complete contrast to her SS15. It wasn't all doom and gloom, as pale pinks and whites were also included into the collection. Sweat look hair and drowned faces of the models also topped the garments, bringing together the full goth outfit.

My key highlights of the collection was the fur detail. This added warmth to the collection and gave Huang that individual touch. Block shape and chunky backpacks is still a growing trend, which is also shown as well in the collection.

Gothic vibes has been seen all throughout the season of AW15. With menswear also jumping on the trend and other big brands such as Alexander Wang, it's no doubt the dark side of your wardrobe is going to make an appearance later this year.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

#LFW Diaries: Outfit 2 please!

Day 1 was exceptional. I had so much fun! By the end of it, I was already eager to get day 2 on the way.

I went for a more grungy, motif today. It's black, on black, with a surprisingly bit of colour and my true love, the Ronkin Snoopy backpack.
I even brought out my TOPSHOP X GLOW flashing trainers, however with the sun shining bright, so the flashing lights weren't as effective as I wanted.

This overall outfit I feel is ideal for those city day outs (especially for London) and is ideal for that transition from Winter to Spring.

Dress / Cheap Monday - £50
Bag / Ronkin x Snoopy - £75
Fur Cover / Newlook - £29.99
Leather Jacket / Topshop / - £52
Hat / Ebay / £10
Lipstick / WICKED Topshop / £8

Friday, 20 February 2015

#LFW Diaries: Yes It Begins!

Day 1, Day 1, Day 1. AKA my second Christmas. I was far too excited, due to AW always being my most favourite season of the year. It's been a busy day, running around my Jardon Doc Marten's. That's enough to make any girl want her bed by 9pm.

First things first, I'd want to go over for first outfit of the week. This headband was an absolute steal. £5 from Topshop Freedom, it's a perfect accessory to bring up a simple outfit. Topped with a white shirt and flared midi trousers mixed with a bit of leather, this is your glam meets gothic festival look.

Headband / Topshop / £20 £5
Jacket / Topshop / £52
Trousers / Monki / £12
Shirt / Topshop / £18
Jardon Boots / Doc Martens / £140

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Video Girl / Photoshoot

So I done a little styling over the week. With my slight obsession with FKA Twigs at the moment, I felt this was an ideal opportunity to get myself busy with some creativity. I'm literally in love with holographic and the 'sweat-it' look too at the moment. Throw it all together, and you get Video Girl.

Video Girl - Photoshoot 

Stylist/Creative Direction: Charlie Pratt
Photographer: Paris Ayers
Make-up Artist (MAC): Alex Howe
Model: Evangeline-Rose Deighan

Monday, 9 February 2015

The Size 10 Experiment

It seems like getting the perfect jeans these days is one of the biggest struggles for any woman (including me). With every high street battling out for the 'perfect' jean, makes me ask the question, is there a perfect fitting out there which isn't falsely labelled?

I wanted to find out for myself, not just to let you guys where to go and to cut the 6 hour long day shop but to also reference myself for the future. I'm not a huge a shopper. I want what I want, and trying one garments after garments is a boring routine for me, SHOCK.

So I nailed down to my most visited stores to the highstreet. I am a huge Topshop fanatic, especially for the jeans. So going ahead to a few other stores was a bit of an exciting experience.

Saying that, Topshop was my first stop. I am a big fan of the classic black Joni Jean. High waisted, comfy, stretchy and well, goes with any top you can find. However for experiment, I wanted to stick to the classic jean. Under the waist, straight skinny and black, an essential to every girls wardrobe.
I'm a size 10, so a waist 28 with a 34 leg is ideal. I picked up a pair of Leighs (£38) in jet black, ready to see the difference from the emotionally attached Joni.

First impression: tight as hell. Yes, you heard me. It wasn't an amazing start. With a struggle to get it past my bum, the Leigh jeans were a clear no go. I couldn't even button them up at the front. This was a huge shock to me, due to myself buying size 10 Joni's and bottoms for the past 2 years without any problems.
Verdict: In need of a classic jean, except to go up a size in Topshop (no matter how soul-crushing it is).

My next store on the list was Riverisland. I've never been a huge fan of the brand. With them joining on board with naming there denim after girls names like Topshop, I felt there must be some similarities. I tried on a pair of Mollys, the mid-rise waist, skinny jeans of River Island, priced at £45. They had a jegging texture, which is a key aspect I look for in the day to day jean. I tried them on expecting the same experience as a Leigh jean. To my amazement the size 10 fit perfectly, however, with a drop at the back. This was because of a bit of a bigger behind. Yet again, I'd probably go a size up for a most comfortable fit.

From then on, I moved on to Urban Outfitters. I've been a huge fan of their jeans and reasonable prices. Want a pair of baggy trousers but don't want to empty the bank? Urban Outfitters is the god-send.
However, their skinnys is a whole new product for me. I tried on size Meduim in black (10-12 priced at £45). Still with mid-rise waist, I was curious to see how successful these would be. With thicker, more a denim texture I knew instantly they wouldn't be for me. However they held a comfortable shape, ideal for my size 10 aim. With the affordable prices I would most definitely consider buying my next pair of black jeans here!

Last stop, ZARA! It's luxury meeting highstreet. Get your minimal fashion instantly, making you look like you've just stepped out a issue of Vogue, literally. I've never been one for their jeans either. However, picking up there standard basic denim, and knowing there history of good quality I had high hopes. Classic size 10 I felt they were slightly bigger, a common problem I find with some Zara products. However, the design was simple, with gold zips on the pockets. In store I couldn't find any basic pocket pairs, which was Zara's additonal downfall. With reasonable price of £24.99, they couldn't go wrong.

After visiting River Island, Topshop, Zara and Urban Outfitters I have decided River Island have the best, suitable jeans that don't lie from the size label. With stretchy jegging feel, yet a sturdy waist line the jeans fit perfectly out and around my needs compared to the other stores. They fitted most comfortably out of every size 10. With good quality fabric, feels like they will last you through all sorts of day to day tasks. Yes they are a bit pricey at £45, but totally worth it!

So don't be fooled by your day to day size. Make sure you try your jeans. Although if looking for that dream pair, RI looks like your place to be for the meantime!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Valentines ideas girls!

It's coming up to valentines day girls! If you have a date around the corner, or a cute night planned with your other half, you need to get an outfit sorted (the second most important thing!) Here are a few ideas for you girls, working around whatever plans you have!

The Picnic Date
Real Love

The Cinema Date
Love Her Madly

The Romantic Meal
Shut Up & Kiss Me

The Concert Date
The Gig

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Beauty Crush

2014 has had some weird, funny, but also exciting beauty trends. We've had bleached eyebrows, black lipstick and gelled hair. I admit, I'm not a fan of all of them, but there is a couple which I am literally in love with.

I'm really into FKA Twigs at the moment. With her jumping into the spotlight from no where, her refreshing look and attitude is what I think we need now, musically and in fashion. A look I am wanting to recreate is the gelled down/sweat look. Since that's her signature image I'll like to add, seems like even hair stylists have caught on board for SS15. 

It's a heavy influence on the 90's trend, a nostalgia that everyone seems to be jumping on (you know, choker accessories?). DKNY and Yohji Yamamoto have jumped on board with the trend. It's your classic slicked back hair with a bit of extreme fashion, turning the sophisticated look upside down. 


Yohji Yamamoto - SS15